PhD Candidate, Environment and Resource Studies


Lauren KingLauren grew up in Port Credit, Ontario, where the Credit River drains into Lake Ontario. Her deep respect for the environment began as a child along the canoe routes of Ontario, and has evolved through her work as a canoe guide and in academia. She has spent more than eight years studying ways to protect, respect, and responsibly use the environment. Lauren lives in Toronto, and though she enjoys the natural pockets of the city she takes every chance possible to escape on a canoe trip.

Research interests

Negotiating co-management during national park reserve establishment in northern Canada

Lauren began her PhD studies in 2013 in Environment and Resource Studies at the University of Waterloo, under the co-supervision of Professor Stephen Murphy and Professor Bryan Grimwood.

Her research interests lie in indigenous governance, power-sharing and co-management, collaborative planning in complex stakeholder environments, and multi-stakeholder negotiation processes and outcomes. She is keenly interested in understanding how First Nation and federal governments negotiate co-management agreements during national park reserve establishment in northern Canada, and the power relations involved in such negotiation processes.

Lauren’s intent is to contribute to co-management theory and practice by thoroughly and systematically investigating power across different scales and multiple actors. The research may also inform future co-management negotiations and arrangements, particularly in the absence of settled land claim agreements.

University of Waterloo

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