Alexandra Girlea, BSc

MSc Student
Alexandra Girlea

Alexandra (Alex) joined the lab in winter 2022 and is currently working as a research assistant. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in December 2021. Her research interests include investigating the effect of emotions and attention on individuals living with functional movement disorders, as well as gaining a better understanding of freezing of gait in those living with Parkinson’s disease.  

As a research assistant, she helps with data collections for projects using virtual reality and a pressure sensor gait carpet. She also assists with data analysis and is currently working on a project using an algorithm to delineate different subtypes of freezing of gait. She hopes her project work can contribute to a better understanding of the heterogeneity of freezing and future use in predicting and preventing freezing episodes in clinical or home settings. She will be starting her master’s degree in the fall 2022 term and will be completing her thesis research in the lab.