Congratulations Uma Lad MSc!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Ms. Uma Lad has successfully defended her MSc thesis which explored the utility of digital human models to estimate biomechanical exposures during patient handling activities. The Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics Lab (OBEL) team is excited to congratulate Ms. Uma Lad on her successful MSc defence. Over the past eight months Uma conducted a study to compare the kinematic and kinetic data recorded from health care practitioners during the performance of a patient turning task within the OBEL lab relative to similar kinematic and kinetic data generated by simulating the same patient turning activities within the digital human modeling (DHM) tools SantosPro and Siemans Jack. Uma's research encouraged her to hone and develop her skills in the use of digital human modeling, human research, and critical inquiry as she explored how differences in model parameters can influence the kinematic and kinetic data emerging from lab and DHM based evaluations.  Uma will share a more detailed summary of her findings at the upcoming 2018 Canadian Society for Biomechanics conference in Halifax Nova Scotia. She also hopes to share her results through peer-reviewed publication later this year.

Uma Lad defending their thesis.
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