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In our group, we are interested in the properties of soft materials in highly confined geometries. Our samples often take the form of polymeric materials as these macromolecules exhibit unique physical qualities. The geometries may be in the form of a thin film or it may be a region near a surface or interface. The study of soft materials in such geometries provides a challenge to our understanding of material properties and continues to supply us with a wide range of interesting problems to study. 

  1. Dec. 1, 2020Welcome New Postdoctoral Fellow

    A warm welcome to our newest lab member, Michael Thees, who comes to us from the Roth lab at Emory University!

  2. Sep. 30, 2020Recent Congratulations
    •  2020-09-28 Congratulations to Polymer Physics Group student, Tiana Trumpour, for passing her MSc defense and publishing her Master's thesis!
    •  2020-09-15 Congratulations to Polymer Physics Group student, Junjie Yin, for passing her candidacy exam and becoming a PhD Candidate!
    • 2019-12-18 Congratulations to Polymer Physics Group alumni, Yu Chai for obtaining a faculty position at City Universtiy Hong Kong and starting his own group
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