Our group has recently collaborated with the following researchers. 

Kari Dalnoki-Veress - McMaster University

Research Interests: Soft and living matter at surfaces and interfaces: Polymeric materials, but also C. elegans (a small nematode), bacteria, living cells and soft-colloidal systems.

Iain McKenzie - TRIUMF

Research Interests: Using spin-polarized, radioactive probes (muons and 8Li+) and the corresponding magnetic resonance techniques (muon spin rotation, relaxation and resonance (µSR) and beta-detected NMR (βNMR), respectively) to study dynamics in soft matter, lithium ion diffusion in battery materials and the structure and reactivity of free radicals.

Thomas Salez - University of Bordeaux

Research Interests: In collaboration with a broad and interdisciplinary international network, he investigates theoretically and experimentally the properties of amorphous condensed matter and biological systems in confinement and at interfaces, at the boundary between continuum mechanics and statistical physics.

Elie Raphael - ESPCI Paris

Research Interests: Focused on the physics of complex fluids. In particular,  the behavior of polymers at interfaces, the propagation of capillary-gravity waves, and the dynamics of granular materials.

Mark Ediger - University of Wisconsin- Madison

Research Interests:  Focused in molecular mobility and structure of amorphous materials.

Lyndon Jones - University of Waterloo

Research Interests: The interaction of novel and existing contact lens materials with the ocular environment, dry eye and ocular drug delivery.