Jessie W.H. Zou Memorial Award

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Melanie Chanona was awarded the Jessie W.H. Zou Memorial award for undergraduate research upon graduating from Mathematical Physics.  In September, Melanie will start her graduate studies in Physical Oceanography with Prof. Stephanie Waterman at UBC.

Doctoral students

Timothy Rees, PhD (2011) co-supervised with Professor Kevin Lamb

  • Internal Wave Generation and Near-Resonant Interactions: Theory and Applications

John Yawney, PhD (2016)

  • Developed a Numerical Model Tempest and used it to study the stability of oceanic jets

Masters students

Eric Bembenek, MMATH (2014) co-supervised with Professor Waite

  • Realizing surface-quasi-geostrophic dynamics in the primitive equations

Robert Irwin, MMATH (2014)

  • Investigating oceanographic instabilities using multi-layer rotating shallow water equations

Anton Baglaenko, MMATH (2011) co-supervised with Professor Marek Stastna

  • Simulating lake dynamics: the effect of bathymetry and bottom drag

William Ko, MMATH (2011)

  • High-resolution numerical simulations of barotropic wind-driven gyres

Derek Steinmoeller, MMATH (2009) co-supervised with Professor Serge D'Alessio

  • Flow separation on a beta-plane

Undergraduate students

Christine Kaufhold (2016) (co-supervised with Sander Rhebergen)

Liza Sazonova (2016) (co-supervised with Marek Stastna)

Nicole Pitre (2016)

Hugo Girardon (2016) (from ENSTA in Paris)

James Hawley (2015)

Laura Chandler (2015)

Dakota St. Laurent (2015)

Melanie Chanona (2014)

Kim Usi (2014)

Benjamin Storer (2013)

Matthew Sartori (2013)

Alexei Borrisov (2013)