Paper Submitted

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The following paper was submitted for publication.

M. Chanona, F.J. Poulin and J. Yawney, "The Stability of Oceanic Fronts in a Shallow Water Model" (2014), Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Doctoral students

Matthew Kloosterman, PhD (co-supervised with Professor Campbell)

  • Investigating planktonic ecosystem models with time delays

Benjamin Storer, PhD

  • Dynamics of Meddies (Mediteranean Eddies)

Matthew Harris, PhD (co-supervised with Professor Lamb)

  • Stability of Fronts and Frontogenesis

Masters students

Adam Morgan. M.Math

  • Green-Naghdi Shallow Water Model

Andrew Grace. M.Math (co-supervised with Professor Stastna)

  • Direct numerical simulations of interfacial mixing in a 2-layer seiche

Undergraduate students

Thibaut Lars, University of Toulon (co-supervised with Sander Rhebergen)

Keegan Cove (B.Sc, Mathematical Physics)