Monthly Review

I was chauffeured around Ring Road in an autonomous vehicle this month. Everything else is details.


Alex Rodrigues – who co-founded Varden Labs with fellow Mechatronics Engineering and Velocity student Michael Skupien – and I enjoyed a safe and smooth ride along the Needles Hall stretch of Ring Road on August 19. It was the first time an autonomous vehicle had taken to a Canadian road.

Many universities practically shut down for the summer — not this one.

My work on Waterloo’s behalf has taken me around the world this month, and in fact I send this update to you from beautiful Thailand.

I gave a keynote speech to the 2015 World University of Technology Colloqium on Tuesday, July 28, sharing the Waterloo experience and perspective on promoting technological innovation while maintaining broad-based academic success.

Campus has been a busy, bustling place this month. There’s almost been too many events and initiatives to mention, but I want to capture some of them here.

On March 12, I stopped by the Student Life Centre to see the final structures constructed by some of our CanBuild participants. This is the second year of our campus-wide food drive, which is a partnership with the FEDS Student Food Bank and The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.