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Feridun Hamdullahpur

Feridun Hamdullahpur
President and Vice-Chancellor

  1. Jan. 8, 2018Bridge to 2020 – Strategic Update


    As our current Strategic Plan enters its final year, I am pleased to announce that the University of Waterloo is launching a process to develop a new plan for the period of 2020-2025.

    Over the next 12 months we will examine our achievements on the current plan, develop transition strategies to ensure that we stay on course with our achievements so far and begin to prepare for the new plan. Two foundational stages of the development process will be taking place. These stages are:

  2. Nov. 30, 2017National Day of Remembrance Ceremony at the University of Waterloo

    December 6th is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada. This year will mark the 28th anniversary of the tragic events that took place in 1989 at l'École Polytechnique de Montréal.

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  1. Mar. 15, 2018Taking Action on Student Mental Health student mental health forum

    This column also appears on the Insight page of today’s Waterloo Region Record.

    Millions of Canadians, including celebrities, sports teams, governments and universities, made it a point to show their support for people struggling with mental health challenges at the end of January.

    Hitting the retweet button is an easy way for any of us to show our support for mental health wellness. It is a lot harder when we're asked to do more than click a button.

  2. Mar. 12, 2018Our Institution is Built on Academic Freedomacademic freedom

    The University of Waterloo has constantly evolved over the course of its history, yet at the heart of that evolution has been a set of non-negotiable principles that have deep roots in our academic culture. Top of which is academic freedom.

  3. Mar. 6, 2018A message from the President: The importance of addressing student mental health

    On Monday, March 5, our campus lost a student to suicide. In the hours that followed this tragic event, our campus expressed shock, anger and grief at the loss of another young life.

    Words cannot express my sadness upon hearing this news. Like many of you, I am asking what was going on in this young man’s world where taking his life seemed the only way out. I am thinking about his parents, his family, and his friends and the terrible impact this will have on their lives.

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