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How are students being consulted for the fall term?

We encourage students to be a part of the various consultations, like this Town Hall, and to continue to send questions or comments to the appropriate administrators. The University will also keep this website up to date with information as it becomes available.   

The University of Waterloo is also very fortunate to have a strong and collaborative working relationship with both the Waterloo Undergraduate Students’ Association and the Graduate Students’ Association. Throughout the current challenges we have been in regular contact with the executive members of both student’s groups (both outgoing and incoming) and we will continue to engage with them as the University considers our decisions. We have also provided regular updates at both Senate and the Board of Governors which includes student representation from across campus. As we continue to prepare various scenarios in an environment of uncertainty, let me reiterate that the health, safety and well-being of our students continues to be our top priority.