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If Waterloo can't afford to reduce tuition, and the current funding model doesn't allow it, are you advocating at the province or federal government to get more funds and change this over-reliance on tuition in future?

President Hamdullahpur, WUSA, and the University of Waterloo, along with other institutions and sectoral partners, have collectively been working with the federal and provincial governments to make sure that education remains accessible for current and incoming students. 

The Government of Canada has announced a suite of funding to help students in response to COVID-19, including: 

  • Canada Emergency Student Benefit: provides $1250 per month from May-August for Canadian students who are unable to find summer employment, and $2000 per month for students with disabilities or dependents. Application information is available here

  • Doubling the amount of Canada Student Loans – those eligible can now receive up to $6000 for full-time students and $3600 for part-time students. 

  • Expanded student programming. More details available here