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Many universities around the world are opening their research labs around June 1st. Will we be doing the same?

The Central Planning Group of the Integrated Co-coordination and Planning Committee (ICPC), including the President, Vice-Presidents and Deans, has been active in developing a phased plan for restarting research on campus, with support from the Research Restart Working Group.

Previously, researchers could request access to continue on-campus research if the research was deemed critical (that is, not continuing it would result in a significant loss of data or equipment) or related to COVID-19. Phase 1 of the Research Restart plan begins with an expansion of criteria for on-campus research activities for those that cannot conduct research remotely or require access to labs. These criteria now include considerations for: 

  • COVID-19 related research 
  • Research that if not continued would result in a significant loss of data or equipment 
  • Grants and contracts with time-sensitive milestones 
  • Graduate students nearing research degree completion 
  • Research with needs for intermittent lab access 
  • Early career researchers

Over the next six-to-eight weeks, criteria will continue to expand gradually, with the expectation that full access to all on-campus research labs is targeted for mid-July, providing continued approval from health authorities and successful implementation of each phase of reopening labs.

Opening research facilities continues to be a priority for the University, but we will also continue to observe the recommendations from the government and public health representatives in order to do so in a safe manner.