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Should I apply to live in residence this fall term?

Waterloo Residences will be fully operational for Fall 2020. Our top priority is your safety – and with most classes being online this fall, we want to ensure that whatever your decision, you feel comfortable.   

Ultimately, the decision is yours on where you choose to learn this fall, but know that our staff is working hard to create a safe space for you - ensuring that we meet or exceed all public health guidelines, and that if you choose to come to campus, we look forward to welcoming you home. 

Whether you are in your first year at Waterloo, or an experienced upper year or graduate student, residence offers opportunities for connection to campus, your fellow students, and your identity as a Waterloo Warrior.  

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique challenge – how do you meet new people, build social relationships and learn successfully, all while maintaining safe distancing practices?  

Waterloo Residences is here to help. Our Residence Life team is reimagining the student experience to build community and connection online through digital check-ins and events, and our Cleaning Services team is investing to meet and surpass the highest standards of cleanliness and disinfection. Residence Learning will be providing academic support and tutoring for key first year classes, and the Facilities and Occupancy teams are helping to place you in the best space to support your experience safely (single bedrooms for everyone!).

Wherever your classes are, know that hundreds of staff are working hard to create a safe space for you to call home this fall, and we look forward to welcoming you home. Learn more about how Waterloo Residence is preparing to welcome you this fall.