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Should we be converting all in person courses to online for Fall/Winter delivery?

We continue to follow the advice and guidance of public health officials, as well as experts from the University. We will share our plans with public health officials to make sure they meet all relevant criteria. 

Faculties are deciding on what courses to schedule for Fall, and which courses, or components of courses, they hope to offer on campus, if the public health situation allows. Many courses will be offered wholly or partially online. We are taking many steps to support instructors as they convert their courses.  

  1. What is the student feedback on remote course experience (Winter 2020, Spring 2020)? We will be gathering feedback soon via surveys of spring instructors and students, to help inform our decisions about what to do differently for those courses that are offered at a distance in fall. 
  2. What can we learn from student feedback to enhance future remote experience? 
  3. When will there be a definitive answer on whether fall 2020 courses be taught remotely? Timing for when and how we can make our campus available will depend on guidance we get from public health authorities. We will share more detailed information — including our plans for residences and other activities — as circumstances allow.