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In what ways do you see UW contributing the new normal both in Canada and around the world? Do you see UW increasing its' international reach and social impact?

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Waterloo has followed the guidance and direction provided by governments and public health officials at all levels while also striving to make an impact on the fight against COVID 19. From PPE donation to healthcare organizations in Waterloo Region, to transformative COVID-19 related research, the University continues to look for ways to have an impact during COVID-19 and when we move into recovery.  

We also know that the University is uniquely positioned to have a profound impact in the economic recovery of our communities. Waterloo has a unique perspective on solutions for global challenges that are shaped by transformative research, focus on industry collaboration and community partnerships, as well as our renowned entrepreneurship and co−operative education programs. We are confident that the groundbreaking innovations, industry collaborations and world-class talent from Waterloo will continue to make a profound impact both locally and globally as we all continue to work together to recover from COVID-19.