Waterloo at 100 Newsletter 04

Friday, July 29, 2022

Since the first part of 2022, more than 1,000 people have participated in preliminary consultations as part of the Waterloo at 100 visioning exercise. 

Thank you for your participation, feedback and ideas. Your input has helped us form the foundation of a discussion paper that will be used to stimulate more engagement through consultations this fall. 

Over 65-years, the University of Waterloo has built a strong reputation for innovation and excellence in a relatively short time. However, initial consultations suggest the University must accelerate its evolution to become an institution fit for the future. 
In our consultations, many expressed their appreciation for the capacity of the Futures Framework to be an organizing device that brings greater coordination to our academic, research and other activities at the University. At the same time, we heard from many who commented on the need for the institution to continue to evolve through innovation and improvements to how we work in order for the framework to make the impacts we desire. 
The paper synthesizes suggestions and ideas that came forward, organized into three forecasts for our journey to 2057: Graduates, Knowledge, and Campus.

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As we embark on a second round of consultations this fall, all members of the University community are invited to read the discussion paper and join in the conversation by: