Waterloo at 100 Newsletter 06

Friday, February 10, 2023

Your feedback and ideas continue to come through. Thank you to all in the community who have made contributions to the vision for Waterloo at 100.

Since the last Newsletter shared in October 2022, we have been busy preparing a draft of the vision document based on the tremendous inputs received through consultations with thousands of individuals at Waterloo. We are taking this draft document to various governance bodies at the University for feedback, including the Executive Council, the Council of Academic Leaders, and the Senate Long Range Planning Committee (SLRP). Of course, everyone will have a chance to provide comments on the draft, which we expect to publish on the Waterloo at 100 page in the coming weeks. 
In late March and early April, the draft vision makes its way to the Senate through SLRP and Board of Governors for review and endorsement. 
In April and for the months that follow, we are very excited to launch the vision. And into the months and years ahead, we are equally excited to work with everyone to take steps forward together to realize the vision’s bold aspirations.

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Finally, as a reminder, we encourage you to share the Waterloo at 100 webpage with your colleagues and networks where everyone’s ideas for the vision can be shared through the feedback form.