Waterloo at 100 Newsletter 07

Monday, February 27, 2023

A vision for Waterloo at 100

Over the past year, thousands in the University of Waterloo community participated in consultations and provided invaluable feedback to develop and discuss ideas for our institution’s future.

We are proud to share a draft vision paper that brings together those ideas--a vision for Waterloo at 100.

This vision is a result of our collective effort. Drawing on the unconventional spirit of the University’s founding, our community put forward a desire to reinvent the culture of our institution as we build a better future.

What came through in these conversations was the genuine pride in our work and care for our institution evident across our university and wider community. Throughout the discussions, participants paid tribute to our past, honestly assessed what we could improve today, and looked ahead with clear-eyes and optimism.

We welcome additional thoughts on this draft, which you can submit on the Waterloo at 100 website.

Thank you again for your participation and invaluable feedback. We look forward to discussing this draft vision paper at the upcoming Senate and Board meetings in the coming weeks, and to sharing the vision paper this spring.