Fleet Copiers

Departmental Fleet Copiers

Ricoh will be providing new multifunctional printer/copier/scanners to the UWaterloo campus. To ensure a seamless transition and minimize potential disruptions, we encourage you to review the available models below before March 18, 2024. Once your choices are made, Ricoh will deliver these cutting-edge units directly to our campus within 2-4 weeks.

About the Devices

The desktop models (IM 500F and IM C400F) are equipped with two paper trays that can handle a maximum paper size of 8.5" x 14". Additional paper trays and floor stands can be added as options. These units include an embedded fax card for a dedicated phone line.

The floor-standing models (IM C3010, IM C4510, and IM 5000) are equipped with four paper trays that can handle a maximum paper size of 12" x 18" paper. An internal staple finisher and a hole punch are standard features, ensuring optimal functionality. Additionally, when configured with an external finisher, users can experience an eco-friendly solution that enables stapling up to 5 pages without needing a metal staple. This integration of convenience and sustainability enhances your overall printing experience. An embedded fax card for a dedicated phone line is optional at no extra cost when ordered with the device."

Please download the order form:

https://wstoreapps.uwaterloo.ca/pdf/Copier_Order_Form.xlsx, fill it out and send to John Jaray at jjaray@uwaterloo.ca. If you have any inquiries or require further information about the new devices or the transition, please do not hesitate to contact John.