Welcome to Geometry & Topology

The Geometry & Topology research group at the University of Waterloo is a young and very active group. Most of its members are from the Pure Mathematics Department at Waterloo, with some additional members from other departments and the nearby Wilfrid Laurier University.

We have frequent seminars, specialized graduate courses, visitors, and postdoctoral fellows. If you are interested in graduate studies or postdoctoral fellowship opportunities in geometry and topology at Waterloo, please contact one of the group's faculty members.

Some of the research interests of our group include

  • low dimensional topology
  • gauge theory
  • symplectic and complex geometry
  • arithmetic geometry
  • special holonomy and calibrations
  • applications of geometry to physics
  • toric geometry

Geometry and Topology seminars

  1. Oct. 26, 2018Langlands duality and self-duality for Hitchin systems

    Richard Derryberry, University of Toronto and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

    I will sketch why self-dual versions of the moduli of G-Higgs bundles are expected to arise from the study of certain supersymmetric quantum field theories, including a comparison to the physical origin of the geometric Langlands program. I will then describe an extension of the Langlands duality results of Hausel-Thaddeus (G=SL(n)) and Donagi-Pantev (arbitrary reductive G) that yields self-dual moduli spaces as a corollary.

    MC 5403

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