About the Registrar's Office

Undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo are administered through the Registrar's Office (RO).

The RO is responsible for registration support and maintenance of undergraduate student records, including:

  • admission
  • communication
  • marketing and undergraduate recruitment
  • course scheduling
  • final examinations scheduled and administered by the Registrar's Office
  • grade reporting
  • convocation
  • financial aid, awards, and scholarships
  • Undergraduate Calendar

The RO is the central administrative unit working in co-operation with faculties and departments to administer undergraduate programs, prepare data for internal groups, and submit data to various government and external agencies.

The RO is committed to:

  1. Facilitate recruitment of highly qualified undergraduate applicants domestically and internationally;
  2. Manage the timely admission of applicants to all undergraduate programs;
  3. Produce and maintain accurate student records on which the University’s grant claim is based;
  4. Manage classroom space;
  5. Create class schedules that support the multi-disciplinary character of the curriculum and the interests of students;
  6. Create the examination timetable and administer final examinations;
  7. Administer the delivery of provincial student aid and bursaries; administer Waterloo’s financial aid guarantee; manage the awarding of merit-based scholarships and awards; financial aid counselling;
  8. Operate as a central source of information, help, and services as they relate to these tasks and responsibilities.

To familiarize yourself with our people in the University of Waterloo Registrar's Office, review the Our people page.

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