What we do


The Registrar is the senior department head responsible for the management of the Office of the Registrar. These responsibilities include:

  • developing and maintaining an organizational structure that reflects the university’s culture and supports its mission
  • making the case for adequate levels of budget support
  • effectively managing and controlling resources allocated to the Office
  • providing effective administrative support systems
  • providing effective overall direction and leadership to staff, including enlightened change management
  • ensuring fair performance evaluation and providing job-related training and encouragement of staff participation in personal and professional development on an on-going basis

The Administration team supports the Registrar and the office with these initiatives. In addition, the team provides:

  • financial management and oversight
  • Human Resources and payroll administration
  • strategic planning
  • information management - including document scanning, archival, and file destruction
  • orientation and training, and
  • event management support.


The admissions team interacts directly with prospective students, parents, applicants, alumni, staff, and faculty to provide services and support that lead to a positive student experience. The team is responsible for:

  • the evaluation and production of offers of admission
  • recording and maintaining official student academic records

Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment

Using a research-based approach, Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment produces the print, digital, and visits strategies to recruit extraordinary undergraduate students from around the world.


Calendar and Communications: The calendar and communications team is accountable for the following responsibilities:

  • produce the annual undergraduate calendar and maintain archived calendars
  • train calendar representatives, write user instruction manuals, test new version upgrades to the calendar software, and maintain a repository of past undergraduate calendars
  • co-ordinate mass email communications to the undergraduate students for the university
  • maintain the following websites: Quest; Registrar’s Office; Scheduling; and Undergraduate Forms
  • provide support services related to the Chancellor’s robing room and co-ordinate the management of hoods issued to graduates at Convocation

Customer Service: The customer service team is the face of the Registrar’s Office. The team:

  • helps students in person, over the phone, by email, and can assist students with ordering transcripts, solving course enrolment issues, and providing enrolment verification at UWaterloo documents
  • addresses over 40,000 questions per term and takes pride in addressing these queries professionally, promptly, and effectively

Records / Records & Systems: The records team interacts directly with current students, alumni, staff, and faculty to provide services and support that lead to a positive student experience. The team is responsible for:

  • recording and maintaining official student academic records
  • supporting the overall maintenance and implementation of features in Quest, our student information system

Scheduling and Examinations: The scheduling and examinations team is responsible for:

  • Producing the graduate and undergraduate timetables
  • Scheduling and administering final examinations
  • Scheduling and examination support/training for the academic units
  • Maintaining, managing, and optimizing of 130+ classrooms (includes repairs, renovations, furnishings, and new builds)
  • Booking academic rooms

Student Awards and Financial Aid

The student awards and financial aid team:

  • provides financial support, information and advice to help students achieve their post-secondary goals
  • assists with the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
  • process and offer hundreds of awards, scholarships, academic grants, bursaries and emergency aid
  • administer the Work Study Program