Renowned wetland hydrologist Dr. Hayashi to visit Rooney Lab Oct 27th

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Canada Research Chair in Physical Hydrology and professor at the University of Calgary Dr. Masaki Hayashi will be visiting the Rooney Lab on October 27th and will be presenting as part of the Department of Biology 2015 Seminar Series his talk titled Eco-hydrology of prairie wetlands and management implications: synthesis of a 50 year study.

Long term environmental monitoring is vital to understanding ecological processes and should guide management and policy development, yet longitudinal studies are incredibly rare.  Dr. Hayashi will discuss the key findings from long term studies of prairie pothole wetlands in terms of hydrologic and ecological properties and processes.  Importantly, he will discuss the need to consider these wetlands as part of a network, rather than in isolation and to manage prairie wetland complexes to preserve diversity in wetland form and hydroperiod. Don't miss what is bound to be an interesting synthesis of nearly 50 years of research.

The event will be held Oct 27th at 2:30 pm in QNC 1501.

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