Rachel McNamee

PhD. Candidate

Rachel McNameeI am investigating the fate and effects of microplastics on freshwater algae. My research involves intensive field work during the spring and summer months at the Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA), as part of a multi-disciplinary collaborative project known as PELAstics. Freshwater lakes are our greatest resources, yet they are currently inundated with plastic and microplastic pollution. So far, we don’t yet fully know the fate and effects of these pervasive contaminants. Periphyton is a powerful and often overlook community of organisms that play a dominant role primary production for lakes. They are also sensitive to an array of contaminants. Therefore, my focus is to understand fate and effects of microplastics on periphyton, and in turn this will help us to understand the health of a whole lake – guiding policing and clean up plans to help protect our lakes.

University of Waterloo