As the School of Public Health Sciences Graduate Students' Association (SPHS GSA), we have several roles. We are a resource for questions or concerns you have about the program, procedures and practices. We serve as a liaison between the department and the faculty through our roles as department and faculty representatives. We also organize events and opportunities for our student body.

Expect invitations and updates for important events happening with our group and also events we think you might be interested in. Periodically, we also send out invitations to get involved in planning and organizing events. If you have ideas for events or would like to get involved (academic, social or both!) please don’t hesitate to email the SPHS GSA team.

You can expect emails from our official SPHS GSA account (sphs.gsa@uwaterloo.ca) and this is the best way to contact us. You can also email any of the SPHS GSA members directly if you have questions you would like to directly address to any individual.