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Outstanding Academic Programming

2018 GOAL A: Offer leading-edge, dynamic academic programs

2018 GOAL B: Be a leading provider of technology-enabled learning opportunities

Top-quality, innovative and dynamic academic programming is critical to Waterloo’s future success. At the University of Waterloo, academic programming is supported by faculty who engage and inspire their students through their teaching and research. Initiatives in this theme will enhance the learning experience for all students, reshape the traditional classroom and expand the impact and reach of Waterloo programs.


By 2018, our strategic efforts in the area of academic programming at Waterloo will:

  • Educate graduates uniquely prepared to address the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century
  • Enhance Waterloo’s excellence in academic programs
  • Ensure teaching quality of the highest international standard
  • Seek global awareness of Waterloo's teaching expertise
  • Expand Waterloo’s footprint in the online-learning market and provide leading-edge, technology-enabled learning opportunities

  • Expand the appropriate use of technologies to enhance students' learning experience

Measuring progress and outcomes

Efforts to grow Waterloo’s exceptional academic programming are vital to improve Waterloo’s reputation and continue to be a destination of choice among the best and brightest students and faculty in Canada and internationally. The Strategic Plan has a comprehensive and transparent accountability framework that includes measures and indicators to demonstrate progress and outcomes of these efforts.

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Stay connected

The Outstanding Academic Programming Theme Leaders and Team will engage critical Waterloo constituencies — both internal and external — to share their plans, learn from others’ experiences and build opportunities to engage in efforts to continue to grow Waterloo’s exceptional academic programming.

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Outstanding academic programming theme leadership

The Outstanding Academic Programming Theme Team members are drawn from core constituencies across Waterloo’s campus, including faculty, staff, students and work under the leadership of Mario Coniglio, Associate Vice-President, Academic and Jeff Casello, Associate Provost Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.