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Promoting a Sound Value System

2018 GOAL A » Enhance the well-being of students, faculty and staff

2018 GOAL B » Promote integrity as a core value of the campus community

2018 GOAL C » Provide an equitable and inclusive environment for students, faculty and staff

Integrity, equity, diversity and a balanced life for students, faculty and staff are core values at Waterloo. Investing in our fundamental beliefs and principles is integral to building an exceptional institution of higher learning. By building a sound value system, we will foster an institution where students, faculty and staff feel valued and supported.


Maintaining a sound value system is always a work in progress. At Waterloo, the strategic focus on foundational values will mean that by 2018 we will:

  • Develop a strong, vibrant, integrated community
    • After consultation within the Strategic Planning leadership group in 2014/15, the theme leads decided that this objective best fits within the following theme purpose and activities:
      • Vibrant student experience’s Objective 2: Provide enabling experiences, programs and supports, including student leadership development opportunities in order to develop student potential and foster student success (for students); and
      • Robust employer-employee, Objective 2: Enable staff to fulfill their potential in a career at the University (for staff)
  • Foster student success through engaging relevant university-based experiences
    • This objective will be incorporated into the vibrant student experience theme initiatives and progress reported in 2015/16
  • Deepen and broaden the University’s approach to integrity
  • Develop a supportive campus community that proactively articulates, promotes and affects changes to achieve equity for students, faculty and staff through policies, programs and practice

Measuring progress and outcomes

A comprehensive and transparent accountability framework has been developed to demonstrate progress and outcomes in each theme area, including a sound value system. These measures will help to identify how we are doing, and refocus efforts where needed.

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A sound value system impacts staff, students and faculty at Waterloo constituencies. It is also important for external partners too need to know that Waterloo is working hard to address integrity, equity, diversity and a balanced life.

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Sound value system theme leadership

The sound value system team is evolving as it builds and grows. Led by Diana Parry, the Sound Value System Theme Team will work closely with members from Robust Employer-Staff Theme Team and Vibrant Student Experience Theme Team.