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Robust Employer-Employee Relationship

2018 GOAL » Be an exemplary employer

Outstanding staff and faculty are, and always will be, at the heart of Waterloo’s success.

The ability to recruit, hire, support and retain the best possible employees is critical to our success across all areas. By strategically focusing our efforts on our people, we will foster deep institutional pride and professional growth in employees who achieve their full potential at Waterloo. This investment in the employer employee relationship will provide benefits across all Faculties, disciplines and departments.


The process to build a robust employer-employee relationship requires a solid communication strategy, the successful integration of the key objective and Excellence Canada’s (EC) Progressive Excellence Program (PEP), and the ability to make prioritization decisions based on sound data. Using this approach by 2018 Waterloo will:

  • Be a destination of choice for superior individuals seeking employment
  • Enable staff to fulfill their potential in a career at the university

Measuring progress and outcomes

A clear and connected Strategic Plan accountability framework linking objectives and actions to measures is an integral component of the Strategic Plan. Progress and outcomes measures provide important information that can be used to demonstrate achievement, or refocus efforts to ensure objectives are met.

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Stay connected

A robust and engaged community is an integral part of the Strategic Plan, and the employer–employee Theme. Diverse input from across campus will ensure that initiatives, programs and actions captured within the employer–employee theme is relevant and connected to all stakeholders.

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Employer-employee theme leadership

Activities related to an employer-employee relationship will be led and supported by Marilyn Thompson, Associate Provost, Human Resources and the Staff Association with broad engagement of employees, the Staff Association, Faculty Association and the Canadian Union of Public Employees.