Information for Vendors

The Student Life Centre (SLC) is the “Main Street” of the University of Waterloo’s campus. It also serves as a unique and convenient market place for external vendors to showcase and sell their products to the university population. It is also a great place for organizations to host and promote events.

SLC Marketplace

  • Vendor space is available on a daily basis throughout the year.
  • Located in the Student Life Centre – major centre for students and the UW community – highly visible and great foot traffic. Market place is adjacent to food court.
  • Rental Rates do vary by semester and time of year.
  • All spaces include power, wireless internet access, tables and chairs.
  • Minimal storage is available overnight for goods.
  • Bookings and Rental Rates information may be made during regular business hours by contacting Scott Pearson 519-888-4567 x 37308 or by emailing

Major events

  • Space is available for product launches targeting students.
  • Past events held in the SLC include for companies such as Microsoft XBOX, Colgate, Mazda, Stride Gum and Gillette.
  • Contact Scott Pearson 519-888-4567 x 37308 or by emailing

Below are four thumbnails of major events that were held in the SLC. Click on an image to see its larger version.