Impact Alliance Launches at the University of Waterloo

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Impact Alliance, a new network of student leaders focused on the Sustainable Development Goals, has just launched at the University of Waterloo. The Alliance aims to build on a strong passion on campus for taking action to create sustainable development solutions and plans to work with faculties across campus towards effective sustainable development planning, enhanced collaboration, and sharing of resources.impact alliance logo

Later this week (March 16th), the Impact Alliance is hosting its first event, the ‘Global Solutions Conference’ at the University of Waterloo. The one-day conference will gather 400 university students and community members across Waterloo Region to showcase the different pathways to achieve meaningful change and promote collaboration through the lens of the SDGs. The conference aims to equip youth with a deeper understanding of sustainability and the transformative power it can have in making a positive impact in the communities across the region. 

The Impact Alliance has also planned a campus-wide sustainability scavenger hunt called GooseChase that is taking place in the lead up to the conference (March 11-15th), gathering over 20 services, faculty, and clubs across campus to host online and offline activities. A photography exhibit called ‘Our Sustainable Future’, is also being hosted by the Alliance, in partnership with the Aga Khan Museum.

For more information, visit or email

founding members of the Impact Alliance

Impact Alliance team (from left to right): Beth Eden (Environment); Kayla Hardie (Math); Chelsea Demello (Arts) Devansh Babla (Engineering); Monida Eang (Environment); Jordan Lin (Engineering); Minan Song (Environment); Samantha Linton (Environment); not pictured - Susan Ly (Arts)

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