SDG Leaders for Campus Action: Workshop Report

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

On May 22nd, the Together | Ensemble 2020 Conference hosted a national workshop on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) leadership for campus action. The workshop was led by Beth Eden of SDSN Youth Canada, Tyler Warnock, Katherine Liu, Tyson Bilton and Adibba Adel of the Sustainable Development Goals Alliance (SDGA) at the University of Calgary and Riadh Mestiri, Catherine Lebel, Elisabeth Chartrand and Pierre-Antoine Descôteaux of Alliance étudiante en développement durable de l’Université Laval

Download the workshop report

36 student participants gathered online for the SDG Leaders for Campus Action workshop, representing over 18 institutions in six provinces across Canada. Over half of the attendees also participated in the broader Together | Ensemble 2020 conference on Canada’s progress on the SDGs from May 20th - 22nd.

Map of Attendees at the Workshop

Workshop Objectives

  1. Build a strong network to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on your campus
  2. Learn from campus leaders around Canada who have established SDG campus hubs
  3. Participate in breakout sessions that will teach you how to build administrative partnerships on campus, run a successful event, build future leaders on-campus, and lead effective advocacy campaigns.

The workshop used a diagnostic, mobilization, and ideation approach to get participants to apply tools to their campuses through two alliance case studies. A series of break out sessions followed, diving deep into succession planning, advocacy, event planning and making administrative partners. 

Workshop Report

The organizers created a comprehensive workshop report detailing the key takeaways and recommendations from the workshop. To compliment the workshop report, SDSN Canada is working to publish a video series that plays back key highlights from the workshop. Both the report and the videos were created to help current and future SDG Campus Leaders accelerate their impact. 

Anyone interested in joining the organizing efforts for the Community of Practice should reach out to any of the following organizations who are currently working on this initiative: 

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