SDGs Localization: Workshop + New Community Launched

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

In partnership with Green Beacon and the Tamarack Institute, we recently co-hosted the workshop "SDGs Localization: From Recovery to Resilience", exploring how the SDGs framework can be used to advance sustainable development in cities and communities across Canada. Throughout the workshop, we heard stories of SDG collaboration and implementation, and reflections on the challenges that may come up in this work. We explored how the SDGs support efforts to 'build forward better' in the wake of COVID-19, the role of cities and municipalities in advancing the SDGs through Voluntary Local Reviews, and inspiring examples of Canadian community partnerships.

Watch the workshop recording here

Download the 10 takeaways workshop summary here.

Emerging from these conversations is a new Community of Practice for SDG Localization, which we are co-founding in partnership with the Tamarack Institute. This community of practice is a space for all those interested in accelerating their work to localize the SDGs through peer-learning opportunities. Through this community, we will be convening monthly meetings to share resources, promote events, develop a learning community to co-generate knowledge, and discuss practical approaches to integrate the SDGs in communities.

Sign up today to this growing network of municipal staff, non-profit/community sector leaders, academic researchers, and more working together to transform the global ambition of the SDGs into local action. 

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