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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Together|Ensemble 2023 Recap

Together|Ensemble is Canada's national gathering on the Sustainable Development Goals. The 2023 conference took place from June 7th to 9th, and featured three full days of in-person and online programming showcasing SDGs work across Canada.

This year marked the half-way point of the SDGs mandate to 2030. Unfortunately, no country in the world is on track to achieve them completely, with Canada ranking 26th in the world on SDGs implementation. The 2023 conference theme focused on how we can accelerate Canada’s SDGs progress and what needs to be done differently to achieve them.

Throughout the conference, we heard from leaders across academia, the business sector, government, and community about important steps needed for action on the SDGs. We heard about the critical moment we face in mitigating the worst impacts of climate change, the importance of harnessing the creative ingenuity of young people to find new solutions, and the reminder that we must make the SDGs about next steps in our communities and talk about them in a way that makes sense directly to people’s lives.

All conference session recordings are now available to view, including all side events. Revisit your favourite sessions, share with a colleague, or catch up on discussions you weren’t able to attend. You can view all session recordings on the Together|Ensemble YouTube channel.

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