Webinar #2: Reporting on the SDGs

Thursday, February 15, 2024

We are pleased to have hosted our second webinar on Reporting on the SDGs for Canada's Universities and Colleges. Following the successful launch of our Guide on SDGs Reporting in October 2023, this webinar featured three speakers whose post-secondary institutions were included in the guide as case studies. The webinar invited speakers to share their experiences and insights on reporting on the SDGs as a means to illustrate different ways to integrate the SDGs into campus planning and operations. 

The speakers were:

  • Jason Ens - Executive Director, Academic Policy, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives, Concordia University
  • Wendy de Gomez - Research Analysis and Proposal Development Officer, University of Waterloo
  • Amy Spark - Climate Specialist, Bow Valley College

This webinar and the Guide more generally are meant to provide reference points on how post-secondary institutions in Canada and around the world are reporting their progress on the SDGs, with the aim of also accelerating SDGs reporting, commitments, and action by Canada’s universities and colleges.

This work is a collaborative effort between SDSN Canada at the University of Waterloo, Colleges and Institutes Canada, and Universities Canada.

Webinar #2: Postsecondary Reporting on the SDGs

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