Health technologies that touch, know and connect us

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Health innovation done differently

Canada faces a health-care crisis with escalating costs, shortage of health care professionals, and increasing needs from a diverse and aging population. The Transformative Health Technologies initiative is responding to these challenges and ready to unpack the complexity of where these critical issues meet to transform health technologies to touch, know and connect us.

We’re transforming health and we’re not doing it alone. Our partnership with NOSM University is helping us expand our impact in remote, rural, and Indigenous communities. Collaborations with industry partners are enabling our researchers to innovate with purpose and bring technological solutions to market.

Our greatest impact happens together. Let’s get started.

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Waterloo's health tech in action

Glucose monitor

New diabetes monitor can detect glucose levels using breath

Device links to phone app and could hit the market in 2023

Elderly person sitting next to other people while holding a ball

Improving the lives of older adults

Leading expert in human-computer interaction joins Waterloo Engineering as new Schlegel chair

A patient using a glucose monitoring device

Painless patch for diabetes monitoring now being developed

Wearable patch will send crucial readings to users' smartphones