Welcome to Transformative sensor Technologies and Smart Watersheds (TTSW)

Canada’s water resources span an enormous range in geography, climate, and ecosystems. Understanding and adapting to short and long-term water futures demands a transformative enhancement in the way environmental data are collected, integrated, analyzed, and communicated.

Rapid development in this field through Canadian industry and research institutions provides us with an opportunity to analyze and deliver environmental data from multiple scales to many end-user communities. These groups include technology developers, government agencies, natural resource industries, and the overall water research community.

Driven by end-user needs, this project focuses on the development, testing, and pilot implementation of transformative technologies on a pan-Canadian scale. These include terrestrial, drone, aircraft, and satellite remote sensing systems, as well as ‘smart’ sensor communication networks.

TTSW aims to support and advance research pertaining to the emerging spectrum of water issues throughout cold regions.

  1. June 4 to 6, 2018Save the date: Global Water Futures open science meeting

    This will be the first annual general meeting of the Global Water Futures program. Plenaries, project reporting, posters, student events, breakout sessions, and other important GWF initiatives will take place during this time. Please stay tuned for more information and call for submissions deadlines. 

    For more information please contact Chris DeBeer.

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