Collaborative organizations: 

Collaborative individuals:

  • Andrew Houston, Associate Professor, Department of Drama and Speech Communication, University of Waterloo
  • Janis Monture, Executive Director, Woodland Cultural Centre
  • Naomi Johnson, Artistic Director, Woodland Cultural Centre
  • Paula Whitlow, Museum Director, Woodland Cultural Centre
  • Amos Key Jr., Language Director, Woodland Cultural Centre
  • Erika Iserhoff, Artistic Director, Native Women in the Arts
  • Monique Mojica, playwright and artist, Chocolate Woman Collective
  • Sorouja Moll, Definite Term Lecturer, Department of Drama and Speech Communication, University of Waterloo
  • Mary Baldasaro, PhD, storyteller
  • Bó Bárdos, singer and performer,
  • Luane Lentz, Coordinator, Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre
  • Shawn Johnston, Event Coordinator, Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre
  • Cheryl Maksymyk, Program Support, Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre
  • Meghan Bunce, composer and musical director
  • Patricia Deadman, curator, independent curator
  • Rick Hill, Program Director, Six Nations Polytechnic
  • Kimber Sider, PhD candidate, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph 
  • Amy Smoke, Aboriginal Student Association, St. Paul’s University and Blue Sky Singers
  • Lauren Burr, PhD candidate, Critical Media Lab and Games Institute, University of Waterloo
  • Kim Anderson, Indigenous Studies, Wilfred Laurier University
  • Kelly Laurila, Indigenous PhD Student, Songkeeper, and Facilitator of Mino Ode Kwewak N’gamowak (Good Hearted Women Singers)

  • Dawn Owen, Curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Guelph 
  • Shannon Dea, Associate Professor, Philosophy, University of Waterloo
  • Tim Paci, Continuing Lecturer, University of Waterloo (Project Education Liaison) 
  • Shana MacDonald, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo (Project Media Artist) 
  • Wendy Philpott, Communications Manager, Faculty of Arts, University of Waterloo
  • Jennifer Doyle, PhD candidate in English, University of Waterloo, and Summit Conference Manager
  • Susan Roy, Assistant Professor, History, University of Waterloo
  • Eugenia Xenos Anderson, Communications Coordinator, St. Paul's University College
  • Linda Warley, Associate Professor, English, University of Waterloo
  • Howard Loft, Elder, Six Nations of the Grand, Fire Keeper for Mush Hole Project and Summit
  • Lee Loft, Elder, Six Nations of the Grand
  • Shelley Niro, Multi-Disciplinary Artist; Six Nations Reserve, Turtle Clan, Bay of Quinte Mohawk
  • Andy Moro, Multi-Disciplinary Artist and Designer, Omushkego Cree / Mixed Euro, Article 11
  • Tara Beagan, Multi-Disciplinary Artist and Designer, Ntlaka’pamux and Irish “Canadian,” Article 11
  • Bill Poole, Executive Director, Canadian Clay and Glass
  • Nancy Mattes, Arts Advancement, University of Waterloo
  • Sylvia Hannigan, Administrative Assistant, Department of Drama and Speech Communication, University of Waterloo

  • Caroline Freibauer, Teacher, Assumption College, Brantford

  • Jean Becker, Senior Advisor: Aboriginal Initiatives, Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing, Wilfrid Laurier University

  • Sherlene Bomberry, Six Nations of the Grand, Open Doors to Dialogue

  • Emma Smith, President, Aboriginal Student Association, and Summit Conference Facilitator

  • Al McDonald, Six Nations of the Grand, Fire Keeper for Mush Hole Project and Summit
  • Kaylin Parker, Six Nations Polytechnic, Youth Workshop Instructor
  • Alyssa General, Six Nations Polytechnic, Art Instructor and Youth Workshop Facilitator 
  • Zac Gungl, University of Waterloo, Theatre & Performance and Speech Communication Studies, Mush Hole Project Site Manager

  • Shane Powless, Woodland Cultural Centre, Mush Hole Project Site Manager
  • Tanis Hill, Six Nations Polytechnic, Assistant Project Co-ordinator
  • Robert Brown, Waterloo Male Police Chorus
  • Greg Campbell, University of Waterloo, Department of Drama and Speech Communication, Support Services and Technical Assistant and Communication Outcomes Coordinator

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