The project is organized around three main themes:

THEME A: Understanding and guiding the Canadian landscape of water valuation

This theme assesses the state of knowledge regarding water quality valuation in Canada and produce best practice guidelines for water valuation based on a scan of practitioners’ demand for guidelines.
Theme A lead: Roy Brouwer and Vic Adamowicz

THEME B: Expanding the water valuation information base

This theme provides novel robust estimates of the economic values of freshwater ecosystem services that can be used in policy and decision-making using recent advances in non-market valuation methods.
Theme B lead: Patrick Lloyd-Smith and Roy Brouwer

THEME C: Advancing water quality valuation tools to support policy and decision-making

This theme uses the knowledge and guidance results of Theme A, and the new economic value estimates of Theme B to assess and develop Canadian water valuation tools.
Theme C lead: Helen Jarvie, Roy Brouwer, Diane Dupont