What is Water Worth?

The project Valuing Canada’s Water Resources and Aquatic Ecosystem Services is the largest coordinated water valuation research program in Canada, aiming to develop, test and apply reliable and robust state-of-the-art valuation methods and techniques for aquatic ecosystem services in different water policy contexts across the Canadian landscape. The central objective is to advance our understanding of the socio-economic value of water in Canada by developing best practice guidelines, providing new empirical evidence, and advancing new policy-relevant decision-support tools.

  1. Jan. 11, 2021Can Wall Street help us find the true price of water? Roy Brouwer comments

    Just before Christmas, the CME Group, the New York-based market operator that takes its name from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange — once described as the biggest financial exchange you've never heard of — began trading water futures.

    For the first time, Wall Street traders are now able to take a stake in the future value of water, the way they have with other agricultural and mineral commodities.

  2. Aug. 24, 2020What are the Great Lakes Worth? A Study of Canadian and US Residents’ Willingness to Pay for Water Quality Improvements in the Great Lakes

    The ecological and economic importance of the Great Lakes basin is widely recognised. Yet, excessive nutrient loads can lead to eutrophication, impair ecosystem services, and cause significant economic costs. This drives the question: What are the Great Lakes worth?

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