Thursday, November 23, 1995

Employers of Co-op Students during their four and eight month work terms.

Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd - Disposal Technology Division - Applied Geoscience Branch

The student will be involved in working in both surface and underground environments at the Underground Research Laboratory, Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba. Work will include water level, tracer tests and hydraulic monitoring. Time will be divided 60% field work, 40% office. Computer knowledge essential and ability to work as a member of a team.

Conestoga Rovers and Associates

Student geologist to work with the hydrogeological section of the company assisting project hydrogeologists in evaluation of data pertaining to groundwater contamination investigations. Experience in spreadsheet programs. Some field work including observation well installation and sampling.

Dames and Moore Canada Ltd - Waste Management and Environment Division

Duties may include on-site supervision of field activities (excavation, drilling, sampling programs, historical research, data collection, interpretation and report writing).

Energy Mines and Resources - Canmet

Student to assist scientists and engineers of the Canadian Mine Technology Laboratory to undertake tasks which are part of laboratory rock property studies.

Geological Survey of Canada - Atlantic Geoscience Centre

Student will assist with determination of grain size in the sediment laboratory, compile marine geologic data (side scan sonar, shallow seismic reflection, core and grab sample data) for publication.

Golder Associates Consulting Engineers

Student required to work on hydrogeology projects. Responsibilities include collecting soil and groundwater samples in the field and organising data. Experience with computers desirable.

Gulf Canada - Calgary

Student Petroleum Geologist to assist in Production / Reserves Additions Group to identify and maximize worthwhile operational opportunities. Produce isopach, porosity and pay maps of existing fields. Produce geophysical logs cross- sections. Identify potential infill and pool extension drilling locations. Interact with area production engineers, geologists and geophysists to collect key information on each project. Estimate reserves.

Municipality of Peel - Waste Management Division

Student will be responsible for surveillance equipment, securing waste water and other samples for analysis from designated locations in the Region.

Ontario Hydro

Student to assist geotechnical engineering section. Following knowledge essential for the job: geology and geotechnical engineering courses, familiarity with computers - programming in BASIC, Wordperfect and Lotus 123.

Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

The student will assist in collection and interpretation of data from a mine site near Timmins. The mine site is producing environmental damage as a result of acid mine discharge from high sulphide tailings and waste rock piles.

Pan Canadian Petroleum

Opportunities for third year students as engineering assistants (Petroleum, Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and Geological) to work at the Calgary Head Office or field offices.

Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Work involved with the auger and core drilling program including field collection of samples, coordinating drilling contractors work, and preparation and geological interpretation. Database work on mainframe and PC computers,

Toronto Transit Commission

Student to assist with geotechnical and hydrogeological projects related to the future expansion of the rapid transit system.

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