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  1. Dec. 20, 2016geoLOGIC renews free departmental license for geoSCOUT software

    The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences has received a license renewal from geoLOGIC Systems Inc., of Calgary, Alberta, for the well-known and widely used geoSCOUT™ software for research and student training.  This GIS-type software allows remote digital access and geographical analysis of the vast data banks of oil and gas well production in Alberta and elsewhere in Canada. 

    To quote from the geoLOGIC Systems Inc. website:

  2. Sep. 30, 2016Red Dog Mine, Northwest Alaska, near Kotzebue Sediment-hosted Zinc-Lead Ore Paleozoic, Mississippian, 338 million years ago

    On October 29, 2015, Peter Russell of the University of Waterloo Earth Sciences Museum traveled to Teck Metals’ Product Technology Centre (PTC) in Mississauga to pick up a 3,400 kg rock donated to the Peter Russell Rock Garden on the UW Campus. The rock is zinc-lead ore with silver, from the Red Dog mine in Northwestern Alaska.

  3. Sep. 20, 2016Urban geology

    Paul Karrow, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo

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