Earth and Environmental Sciences combines geology with studies in surface and groundwater, as well as the engineering properties of rocks and soils. We invite you to learn more about our internationally recognized research from helping communities protect groundwater resources to understanding the mysteries of geologic processes deep within the Earth.

As active researchers, we offer our students a hands-on learning experience in addition to innovative degrees and programs, such as TERRE CREATE, Canada’s first nationally funded program designed to train the next generation of sustainable mining professionals.

Our unique Earth Sciences Museum and its K-12 outreach program give us the chance to share our passion with the community. The Department is also an active supporter and participant of the Water Institute.

  1. Feb. 6, 2018Sixth Annual World Wetlands Day Celebration at University of WaterlooCrowd listening to a presentation by Bruce MacVicar

    Friday, February 2 marked the Ecohydrology Research Group’s sixth annual World Wetlands Day (WWD) celebration at the University of Waterloo. This year’s program featured research presentations, three-minute student presentations, a student poster competition, and an evening public lecture.The symposium had over 90 registrants and was attended by researchers from various universities across southwestern Ontario as well as members of the general public. It even got a Twitter-nod from MP of Waterloo Bardish Chagger.

  2. Feb. 5, 2018Groundwater study of Kurikka region goes internationalMartin Ross and colleagues on site in Finland.

    Associate Prof. Martin Ross is starting a new collaboration with the Geological Survey of Finland who has been involved in a large groundwater study in the municipality of Kurikka in western Finland.

    The purpose of the study is to improve understanding of the groundwater system and to assess the quality and quantity of the water resources. A three-dimensional model of the subsurface geology will be developed followed by detailed groundwater flow modelling.

  3. Jan. 25, 2018Two major avalanches linked to climate change, according to international study involving WaterlooLANDSAT-8 image (obtained October 14, 2016) of the July (upper) and September (lower) glacier collapses in Western Tibet.

    A study released today in Nature Geoscience describes how climate change played a major role in the massive catastrophic collapse of two glaciers in the Tibetan Plateau in July and September 2016.

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  1. Mar. 23, 20182018 Darcy Lecture: Prof. Masaki Hayashi

    Alpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role of Groundwater in Sourcing the Headwaters of the World

    Prof. Masaki HayashiDepartment of Geoscience, University of Calgary and the 2018 Darcy Lecturer

    Everyone welcome - refreshments served.

  2. Mar. 28, 2018Department Seminar: Geological constraints on North American ice sheet paleogeography for the Late Pleistocene

    Dr. April Dalton, Professor of Geology, University of Toronto

  3. Apr. 2, 2018PhD Thesis Defence: Robert ENOUY

    An Investigation into Water Consumption Data Using Parametric Probability Density Functions

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