Earth and Environmental Sciences combines geology with studies in surface and groundwater, as well as the engineering properties of rocks and soils. We invite you to learn more about our internationally recognized research from helping communities protect groundwater resources to understanding the mysteries of geologic processes deep within the Earth.

As active researchers, we offer our students a hands-on learning experience in addition to innovative degrees and programs, such as TERRE NET, Canada’s first nationally funded program designed to connect the next generation of sustainable mining professionals.

Our unique Earth Sciences Museum and its K-12 outreach program give us the chance to share our passion with the community.

  1. Aug. 2, 2022Earth Adjunct Professor appointed to Expert Panel on the Future of Arctic and Northern Research in Canada
    Collage of headshots from all 11 members of Expert Panel.

    The Arctic is undergoing unprecedented changes. As a result, Northern communities, and Canada as an Arctic and maritime country, are facing profound economic, social, and ecosystem impacts. Adjunct Professor Richard Boudreault, in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, has been appointed as a member of the Expert Panel on the Future of Arctic and Northern Research in Canada at the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA)

  2. July 19, 2022New map shows where fracking-induced earthquakes could hit in Canada
    The map shows earthquakes related to hydraulic fracture. Major earthquakes are represented with red and white graphics.

    Scientists from the University of Waterloo have developed a map showing which regions and population centres of Western Canada are likely to experience earthquakes induced by underground energy extraction.

  3. Apr. 21, 2022Philippe Van Cappellen wins prestigious Canadian Geophysical Union Medal

    Professor Philippe Van Cappellen from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and a Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate in Ecohydrology, has been awarded the J. Tuzo Wilson Medal, the Canadian Geophysical Union's (CGU) greatest honour.

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