Earth Sciences Museum dinosaur exhibit.

Our Outreach team engages with all ages, sharing our knowledge of Earth history and processes that impact our everyday lives. 

  • The Earth Sciences Museum and Peter Russell Rock Garden are favourite learning centres to thousands of local elementary and high school students and other visitors. 
  • We actively participate at community events and gem and mineral shows providing children Earth science activities.
  • The department hosts several free and informative public lectures throughout the year.
  • Want to learn about the geology under your feet? The Geotime Trail, created by retired professor Alan V. Morgan and the City of Waterloo, is the only trail of its kind in Canada that puts geological time into perspective. Open year-round.

Earth Sciences Museum

Rock and gem showThe University of Waterloo would like to invite you to visit our captivating Earth Sciences Museum. Our museum is home to a number of fascinating displays on rocks and minerals, as well as a number of dinosaur and ice age mammal skeletons and models. Entrance is free and we host several schools and other special interest groups.

Please contact us if you would like us to visit your local school.

Peter Russell Rock Garden

Rock gardenWe also encourage you to check out the Peter Russell Rock Garden. We have over 45 remarkable boulders from all over Canada. It's the ideal place to sit and relax or have a bit of lunch.