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Graduate Studies and Posdoctoral Affairs forms

The Graduate Studies Forms page provides access to several important forms, including:  

  • Change of enrolment
  • Change of supervisor
  • Graduate studies course drop/add
  • Ontario Visiting Graduate Scholar (OVGS) application
  • Petition for extension to program time limits
  • Graduate program/plan change
  • Change of name
  • Graduate Studies Travel Assistantship award
  • Graduate Student Award application
  • Graduate transcript request
  • Graduate proof of enrolment request

Additional forms not listed can also be found on the Graduate Studies Forms page.

Graduate student references

Important dates

Table of convocation ceremonies and deadlines
Convocation ceremony Deadline
Spring Convocation
April 30 - for students degree completing in the Fall (Sept-Dec) and Winter (Jan-April) terms
Fall Convocation
August 31 - for students degree completing in the Spring (May-Aug) term