Graduate students

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Why graduate studies at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences?

We have a strong tradition in research and graduate education with a history as one of the leading groundwater hydrology research groups in the world.

  • We feature a quantitative and scientifically rigorous education in water sciences, sustainable mining, Earth processes and geohazards.
  • We explore the mechanisms behind our currently changing climate to derive a deeper understanding of our impact as humans on Earth systems, both at the surface and deep underground.


We offer Master's (MSc) and Doctoral (PhD) programs in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

For working professionals, Waterloo offers Master's programs with both thesis-based and research paper options.

Waterloo also offers Earth Science graduate students professional degree designations and training.

  • Graduate degree designations in the Collaborative Water Program in Integrated Water Management (offered jointly with the internationally recognized Water Institute) and
  • TERRE CREATE training in sustainable mining, offering some of the best specialized courses and field opportunities in Earth Sciences across Canada.

Funding and awards

With over 100 graduate students supervised and co-supervised by Earth Sciences faculty, we represent one of the more research intensive departments in the Faculty of Science. 

Most faculty members offer potential research opportunities with full funding for students. We encourage prospective students to read our funding and awards page.

View our faculty profiles as students can only be accepted if they have a supervisor.

Students are also eligible for departmental and entrance scholarships, including the Farvolden Scholarship, RBC scholarships, and University of Waterloo scholarships.