Funding and awards

Guaranteed funding

The Earth & Environmental Sciences Department provides a guaranteed minimum amount of financial support each year to all of our graduate students in the MSc or PhD thesis option and within their program time limits.  Funding is offered through various sources, such as Graduate Research Studentships (GRS), Teaching Assistantships (TA) and awards.

Student status

M.Sc. Program*

Ph.D. Program

Domestic student



International student


$25,962 (+IDSA if eligible)

*Thesis option only; there is no guaranteed amount for the ‘research paper’ option

Below, you will find links to the different research groups, where you will be able to examine any potential openings for GRSs. If there is an area of research which you are interested in, but do not see listed below, please contact one of the faculty members regarding possibilities.

Scholarships, awards, and bursaries 

Funding is a key component in a graduate student's life, but applying for grants can be confusing and overwhelming. The Faculty of Science has complied lots of resources to help you get started at looking for other sources of funding. 

Study and Living Costs

The costs associated with study and living can be subject to change on an annual basis by the University of Waterloo. Tuition and fees are based on a four month term.

The graduate fee schedule is available from the University of Waterloo Student Finance Office.

The Graduate Studies Office has compiled estimates of living costs to assist students in budgeting for graduate studies. Individual costs will vary but we recommend prospective students review this information when planning their future studies.

All of our financial support packages are contingent upon students maintaining continuous full-time registration in the program, meeting academic requirements in a timely manner, and fulfilling teaching and/or research assistantship duties satisfactorily.