John Cherry

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Hydrogeology

Since joining the University of Waterloo in 1971, there is no doubt John Cherry has had a profound and sustained impact internationally on the field of hydrogeology

Will D. Robertson

Research Associate Professor, Groundwater Contamination

Will Robertson studies the physical hydrogeology and geochemistry of contaminated groundwater.

His current research interests include assessment of groundwater impacts from septic systems and mine tailings, innovative remediation techniques, groundwater age dating tools.

Alan V. Morgan

Professor Emeritus, Quaternary Geology and Paleontology

Alan Morgan was an international expert in Quarternary geology, mapping and studying past permafrost structures in Britain and Canada. He also specialized in Quarternary entomology, the study of fossilised beetles as a way to reconstruct past climate conditions.

Jim F. Barker

Professor Emeritus, Groundwater (organic pollutants)

Jim Barker's research focuses on groundwater contamination by organic chemicals, especially petroleum hydrocarbons and industrial chemicals. 

A faculty member at the University of Waterloo since 1979, he retired in 2010.