John Cherry

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Hydrogeology

Highly cited
Since joining the University of Waterloo in 1971, there is no doubt John Cherry has had a profound and sustained impact internationally on the field of hydrogeology

One reference letter described him as such: "His name is indelibly etched on the field, much like Einstein is related to E=mc2". Dr. Cherry is prolific in both publishing and presenting research results internationally.

The textbook he co-authored with Alan Freeze has been the standard text in hydrogeology courses world-wide since its first edition in 1979.

His counsel is sought throughout the world by businesses, academics and government and he has enhanced the reputation of the University.

In addition to the large number of awards he has won in North America, Prof. Cherry has also been presented with the William Smith Medal by the Geological Society of England. This is their highest possible award for contributions to applied sciences, named after one of the most eminent geologists in history.

There is no doubt that he has a major international reputation and continues to influence geologists around the world.


  • Named the 2020 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate by the Stockholm International Water Institute.
  • Received the prestigious 2016 Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize. He was the second Canadian and first UWaterloo scientist to win. 
  • Appointed a Waterloo Distinguished Professor Emeritus in 2006. He continues to serve on numbers graduate student committees through his adjunct status.