Ecohydrology at the University of Waterloo

Water is our most precious natural resource. The availability and quality of fresh water not only impact human health and wellbeing, but also the functioning of essential ecosystems, including rivers, wetlands, lakes and coastal ecosystems.

Most available fresh water is present as groundwater. Exchanges between groundwater and surface water occur throughout the landscape and support a plethora of key ecosystem services. The multidisciplinary research program in ecohydrology is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the fluxes and transformations of nutrient elements (especially P, N, Si) and metals at the groundwater-surface water interface, and assessing their consequences for the health and functioning of aquatic ecosystems.

Our research team includes biogeochemists, hydrologists, ecologists, environmental chemists and microbiologists, who combine laboratory experiments, field sampling and mathematical modelling.

  1. Feb. 14, 2020Philippe Van Cappellen to receive Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision
    Philippe Van Cappellen to receive Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision

    Professor and Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate Philippe Van Cappellen has been selected to receive an Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision this year from the University of Waterloo. Prof Van Cappellen was nomimated for the award by his current and former graduate students and the nomination was supported by senior colleagues at the University of Waterloo.

  2. Feb. 11, 2020Detecting mercury with DNA
    Graphical abstract for DNA-based biosensor for mercury detection

    A new paper published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials describes a new DNA-based biosensor that selectively measures concentrations of aqueous divalent mercury (Hg2+).

  3. Feb. 3, 2020Ecohydrology celebrates World Wetlands Day at the University of Waterloo
    Dr. Stephen Faulkner World Wetlands Day Lecture

    The Ecohydrology Research Group hosted a successful 8th Annual World Wetlands Day Research Symposium at the University of Waterloo on Monday, February 3. It was part of more than 1,200 events held worldwide to spread the important message that wetland biodiversity matters.

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  1. Mar. 20, 2020World Water Day 2020

    Join the Water Institute on March 20, 2020 for the World Water Day event at the University of Waterloo. More details about the event and registration will be available soon - click here for a preliminary schedule. 

    World Water Day is an annual UN event celebrated around the world to highlight and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. To learn more about World Water Day, click here.

  2. Apr. 4, 2020Canadian Geophysical Union Eastern Section Student Conference 2020

    This year's Canadian Geophysical Union Eastern Section Student Conference will be held at the University of Waterloo on Saturday, April 4. Students and early career researchers are encouraged to present their research or proposed ideas at this event. Registration and call for poster and oral presentations are now open. The deadline for abstract submission is March 6 at 11:59pm.

    Click here for details and registration.

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