Field Deployable Systems

Field-portable reverse osmosis (RO) system (Realsoft Co.)

reverse osmosis system deployed in the field

Field-portable RO system for concentrating dissolved/natural organic matter (DOM/NOM) from natural waters (e.g., lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands). Concentrated DOM/NOM sample can be used in biodegradation assays or for chemical characterization by methods requiring high concentrations of DOM/NOM.

Powered in the field by generator. Includes 2 submersible pumps, 2 pre-filters for removing suspended sediments, 40 L reservoir for storing filtered water, cation exchange resin for removing dissolved cations and 2 RO membranes.

For more information about the RO method for concentrating DOM/NOM from natural waters, see the "Isolation of NOM by Reverse Osmosis" webpage on the International Humic Substances Society website:

Continuous Flow Centrifuge (CFC Express, Scientific Instruments, Inc.)

peristaltic pump connected with tubing to centrifuge box on bench top
top of centrifuge showing tubing inflow and outflow to centrifuge connected to centrifuge bowl inside centrifuge

The continuous flow centrifuge is used at our field sites to sample suspended sediments, which we then analyze for microplastics and/or phosphorus and other nutrient species.

The centrifuge collects samples in specialized centrifuge bowls. It requires the use of an additional peristaltic pump, and we have also equipped the pump and centrifuge setup with a flow meter to monitor the total volume pumped to the centrifuge and the flow rate.

Peristaltic Pump (Spectra Field Pro)

pump equipment in blue metal case

We use the Spectra Field Pro Peristaltic Pump for groundwater and surface water sampling. It pumps up to 2.5 litres per minute and as low as 40mL per minute.

LCD display provides real-time flow rates, allowing the user to quickly make changes as needed.

Universal Percussion Corer and Core Extruding Apparatus (Aquatic Research Instruments)

3 configurations of core tube barrel connected to different attachments for collecting core
core tube connected to extruding apparatus including threaded rod at bottom and extruding funnel at top

Collects sediment cores up to ~ 100 cm long from environments such as marshes, ponds, reservoirs, and lakes with relatively shallow water.

Core extruding apparatus facilitates incremental extrusion and sectioning of cores into 1 cm sections.

Handheld multi-parameter (pH, ORP, DO, temperature and conductivity) meter (YSI)


The YSI Professional Plus handheld multi-parameter meter provides flexibility for the measurement of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, ORP, and temperature.

Our YSI includes a flow cell, which is ideal for use in applications when it is impossible to submerge the probe module into the sample, such as for sampling groundwater.


Peepers are passive (diffusion) pore water sampling devices that are used to determine vertical pore water profiles in soils and sediments at a cm-scale resolution. The peepers can be used to collect anoxic pore waters without degassing and/or oxidizing artifacts.

Water level and temperature loggers (Troll-500, In Situ Inc.) (x2)

metal casing of level logger connected to level logger

This data logger can be used for measuring and logging water levels and temperatures in wells, streams, lakes and freshwater wetlands.

We are currently using these level loggers to monitor water levels and estimate discharge at the inlet and outlet of our Urban Observatory stormwater pond monitoring site.

Water Level Data Logger (HOBO) (x5)


The HOBO Water Level data logger is a high accuracy, pressure-based water level data logger (0-4m range, +/- 3mm). This data logger can be used for measuring and logging water levels and temperatures in wells, streams, lakes and freshwater wetlands. Our kit includes a HOBO waterproof shuttle with coupler and BHW-PC HOBOware Pro Software.

​Garmin GPSMAP 76 Waterproof Handheld GPS

Garmin GPSMAP 76 Waterproof Handheld GPS with accuracy of 10 feet.

Drive-point ​Piezometer Groundwater Sampling Kit


We use the AMS "Piezometer Groundwater Sampling Kit" for shallow groundwater sampling investigations. This complete kit includes everything needed to take groundwater measurements and collect samples to a depth of 12 feet below the surface. This kit includes an AMS Big Foot removal jack and T-Jack Adapter for removal of the extensions and piezometer.

Soil Temperature Profile Probe


We use this "Soil Temperature Profile Probe" to measure the temperature profile at fixed depths in soils. Inside a tube made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, 6 temperature sensor elements are placed at different depths. The probe has analogue output signals 0 to 1V corresponding to -20 to +50°C. The probe is connected directly to the plus of a 6-channel logger with an eight meter extension cable.

Bluetooth temperature loggers (HOBO)
logger in blue round plastic casing attaching to white pole and held in someone's hand

HOBO Pendant MX Water Temperature Data Logger

Temperature loggers with BlueTooth compatability